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Extreme Architecture November 5, 2008

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The 4th graders have been hard at work with their architectural designs. As architects, the students were given teacher-clients to create designs for. Among the requests are theaters, libraries, houses, vacation homes, and night clubs. The young architects have been taking inspiration from some extreme architecture around the world. Here are some links of some great photo galleries and blogs showcasing some of the unusual structures the kids have been looking at.

Unusual Architecture From Around the World

Pixcetera-Unusual Architecture

Unique Architecture Blog

While the students are focused on the exterior architectural designs for their projects, this is a great video about a pair of architects who are taking an unusual approach to the interior of their homes:
A Death-Defying House

A couple of the designs in progress:

img_0248 img_0247

Will is designing a tree house for Ms. Boyle, our Art Studio volunteer; and Natalie is designing a school for Ms. Allison

img_0246 Zahyyeh is designing a library for Ms. Pennell

More to come as the 4th graders finish their architectural designs!


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  1. i love this one too!

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