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Finished Chinese Art February 26, 2009

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Here are some finished paintings from the 2nd and 4th grade. The second graders made large-scale, collaborative dragons in complementary colors. The dragons will be on display in and around the library for its annual Book Fair on March 21st. The 4th graders made Chinese brush paintings, which will be on display at the Morse School Art Show at Gallery 263 in April.
img_0210 img_0211

img_0209 img_0212



Donations Wanted February 25, 2009

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The 6th graders are about to begin a sculpture project, but they could use help. The project will be using entirely recycled materials, ranging from plastic forks to toilet paper tubes to twist ties.

If you have any items from the list below, please drop them off in the Art Studio:

paper towel and toilet paper tubes plastic cups

bottle caps plastic wrap

rubber bands aluminum foil

twist ties paper clips

ziplock bags *anything that has transparency or translucency to it*


Masks and Kites February 13, 2009

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The 7th graders finished their plaster masks.  The students got really inventive with a variety of materials, and had much success.  A few of the masks are below (most of the masks will be on display during the Morse School Art Show at Gallery263 in April…more info to follow).

img_0132 img_0135

img_0133 img_0134
The 2nd graders in Ms. Riley’s class came for two Open Studio sessions for a project linked with their studies about Japan.  The students made carp kites, symbols of good luck for National Children’s Day in Japan.  One kite is hung for every child in a household.



Chinese Art February 11, 2009

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The second graders and fourth graders are both learning about art in China.  The 2nd graders recently finished individual Chinese dragons, learning about their powerful symbolism in the Lunar New Year.  They are currently working on much larger, collaborative dragons.
The 4th graders are finishing up their own Chinese art, learning the sacred art of brush painting.  Living to the belief that ‘less is more’, they are focused on simplicity in their paintings of bamboo, trees, and landscapes.  To help with the bamboo brush painting, the 4th graders also made their own ceramic ink wells and brush stands.

The following photos show Mrs. Riley’s class working on their collaborative dragons, as well as the 4th graders working on their Chinese brush painting.  Finished paintings will follow in a couple weeks!



img_0126 img_0127



Snowman Update

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The junior kindergarteners snowman is finished!  After they finished paper mache-ing the snowman, they painted it white, and the final details were added.  The snowman will be in the lobby near the auditorium doors for a few weeks.





8th grade portraits February 4, 2009

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The 8th graders recently finished self portraits.  They looked at the silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol for color inspiration and high contrast design.  They also learned about the grid system of drawing that Chuck Close uses, and combined the two methods for the portraits.  The students also looked at the recent Shepard Fairey image of Barack Obama for comparison.

A few finished paintings:

img_0101 img_0102

img_0103 img_0104