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Chinese Art February 11, 2009

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The second graders and fourth graders are both learning about art in China.  The 2nd graders recently finished individual Chinese dragons, learning about their powerful symbolism in the Lunar New Year.  They are currently working on much larger, collaborative dragons.
The 4th graders are finishing up their own Chinese art, learning the sacred art of brush painting.  Living to the belief that ‘less is more’, they are focused on simplicity in their paintings of bamboo, trees, and landscapes.  To help with the bamboo brush painting, the 4th graders also made their own ceramic ink wells and brush stands.

The following photos show Mrs. Riley’s class working on their collaborative dragons, as well as the 4th graders working on their Chinese brush painting.  Finished paintings will follow in a couple weeks!



img_0126 img_0127



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