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Masks and Kites February 13, 2009

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The 7th graders finished their plaster masks.  The students got really inventive with a variety of materials, and had much success.  A few of the masks are below (most of the masks will be on display during the Morse School Art Show at Gallery263 in April…more info to follow).

img_0132 img_0135

img_0133 img_0134
The 2nd graders in Ms. Riley’s class came for two Open Studio sessions for a project linked with their studies about Japan.  The students made carp kites, symbols of good luck for National Children’s Day in Japan.  One kite is hung for every child in a household.



One Response to “Masks and Kites”

  1. Tim parish Says:

    Some nice efforts there! Even if the fish kites are somewhat different to the traditional variety in Japan… 🙂

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