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Flower Pots June 2, 2009

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 8:36 am

Lots of sculptures are being made in the Art Studio!  Junior kindergarteners are making vehicles from recycled food boxes, Mr. Klinman’s kindergarteners are making bugs from recycled bottles, 1st graders are making clay fantasy animals, 3rd graders are weaving baskets, and 2nd graders are making ceramic flower pots.

The flower pots are being created using the coil method, around real flower pots.  Next week, they will use the technique of sgraffito to draw life cycles of frogs, butterflies, and flowers on the sides of the pots.  Edible plants- mint, basil, lettuce- will be planted in the pots before the end of the year.

Some photos of Mr. Gutierrez’s class at work, coiling the clay:

IMG_0542 IMG_0532



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