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Bikes at Riverfest June 9, 2009

Filed under: news,projects — alaplante @ 8:33 am

The 4th graders just finished their observational drawing project for the year.  They learned to use viewfinders to focus on one small section of an object and zoom in close.  The pencil drawings were completed with monochromatic chalk pastels.  After creating value scales, the students applied those values to the values they observed in the real bikes.

This Saturday, June 13th, from 12-6pm is the annual Riverfest, a celebration of the arts along the Charles River.  20 of the 4th graders’ bike drawings will be on display in the Cambridge Public School’s art exhibit.

Photos of the students at work, as well as a couple finished drawings.  Please excuse the flash spots…the drawings have been laminated for the Riverfest!

IMG_1424 IMG_1426

IMG_0565 IMG_0563

IMG_0570 IMG_0569



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