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Art at Mariposa Bakery January 12, 2010

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Mariposa Bakery is the current host for our Morse Art in the Community initiative.  From January 10th-February 10th, the bakery is displaying the 5th grade shell drawings.  Please visit!  Mariposa is also hosting an opening reception for the 5th graders and their friends and familyon Friday, January 22, from 5-7pm.

Mariposa Bakery does not have a website, but here is their information:
424 Mass Ave in Central Square, phone #: (617) 876-6500

Future community art shows:
February- Four Burgers
March- Creatoyvity
April- Rodney’s Bookstore
April- Gallery 263 Morse School Art Show
May- Cambridge Open Studios
May- Cambridge Public Schools Annual Spring Exhibition


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