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Camouflage Chameleons February 9, 2010

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 5:25 am

The junior kindergarteners know all about camouflage!  After reading A Color of His Own, by Leo Lionni, the class discussed how important it is to feel unique.  They colored one lizard any way they wanted.  The next class, the students looked at photos of camouflaged animals in the wild, including frogs, birds, insects, big cats, and fish.  The students discussed why an animal might want or need camouflage.  They colored a second lizard to blend in to its surroundings.  The result is a drawing & collage of 2 lizards, one standing out and one camouflaged.  Now, the junior kindergarteners are hard at work making 3D lizards, using plastic bottles, aluminum foil, and plaster gauze.  They are learning the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.

Some of the camouflaged chameleons:

Bruno’s camouflaged lizard is hiding in a rainbow and James’ is hiding underwater with the rocks.

Sonya’s camouflaged lizard is hiding in the flowers and Jeremiah’s lizard is hiding in the seaweed.


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