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Amate Paintings February 24, 2010

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 10:01 am

After a trip to Mexico last summer, I have been waiting to do this painting with the 2nd graders.  Amate paper is a traditional paper, handmade from bark, in Mexico.  Ancient Mayans and surrounding cultures mastered this technique.  Today, amate paper is used for many purposes, including folk painting.  The 2nd graders studied these detailed paintings, noticing that most of them depicted celebrations or fiestas.  For their own amate painting, the students pretended they were throwing the best birthday/holiday party ever.  They had to show 4 different activities taking place at the party.  The students used flourescent tempera paint on brown paper to achieve the amate painting effect.

Many of these paintings will be hung at our Morse School Art Show, at Gallery 263, in April.


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