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Goodbye Class of 2010 June 24, 2010

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The 8th graders graduated Tuesday night.  Here are some photos from their art gallery in the main lobby, representing all the work they accomplished this year.


More butterflies

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Here are the updated butterfly prints from the second graders.  They each chose one of their yarn prints, cut it out, and drew the life cycle of the butterfly around it.  The students have been studying life cycles and raising butterflies in their classroom, so this part was too easy for them!  They also chose one print and colored in the butterfly.  One of the key characteristics they noted about butterflies are how colorful they are, and printmaking only allows for one ink color.  Hand coloring the prints was an easy way to make their symmetrical prints more interesting.


Baskets! June 17, 2010

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The 3rd graders finished weaving their baskets.  Basket weaving is done through 3 traditional techniques- coiled baskets, plaiting, or wicker baskets.  The students learned how to make a wicker basket, using paper cups and yarn.  The paper cups were vertically cut into 7 sections.  Students wove 2 strands of yarn in and out of the cut sections, periodically changing colors as they spiraled upward.

While weaving, students looked at practical functions of baskets, as well as the aesthetic side of baskets.  Using their knowledge, they came up with some interesting materials that could make good wicker baskets, besides the traditional grasses and yarn!  Some ideas were:  spaghetti, shoelaces, hair, pant legs, belts, and rubber bands.


Save this blog!

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New rules for the 2010/11 school year may not allow this blog to continue!  CPS will have a list of approved websites that teachers may share student content on, and if is not on the approved list, this blog will not be allowed.  If you are a Cambridge parent and enjoy reading the Morse Art blog, please contact the Steve Smith at CPS Educational Technology & MIS Departments at 617-349-6830 and help save this blog!


1st grade faces June 16, 2010

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The first graders studied portraits by various artists, including Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, and da Vinci.  They noted that some portraits are realistic, some are abstract, and some are a mix of both.  In these self portraits, the students attempted to make their faces as realistic as possible with correct proportions, but the colors were more abstract.  The students used 3 values of markers, a light, medium, and dark.  Every color was used to draw a different step in portraiture.  After the dark value was drawn on, students painted water over the markers, to “melt” the markers together.  The result is a very neat watercolor effect, without the watercolors!


Chandelier Art June 12, 2010

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Some classrooms at school are looking a bit more glamorous these days.  The 6th graders made hanging sculptures, inspired by Tara Donovan.  They had to create a “unit”, which had to be repeated over and over.  All of the students were given reflective mylar to create the sculptures.  For more inspiration, the students looked at sculptures by Dale Chihuly as well as Alexander Calder.  They studied pictures of actual chandeliers for ideas.  The students worked in partners, and some of the groups decided to donate their projects to teachers in school.  Look for these sparkly chandeliers in the main office, the library, Mrs. Worth’s room, Ms. Inglis’, Ms. O”Leary’s, and Ms. Bate’s rooms.


Butterflies everywhere! June 11, 2010

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This is a couple weeks late, but the Morse School has a wonderful new work of art for permanent display!  Annie, the owner of Gallery 263, painted a huge butterfly painting as a thank you for our thank you!  For now, the painting is in the main lobby, but it will have a new home in September.

Also, the 2nd graders have been making their own butterflies.  While learning about bilateral symmetry, they drew symmetrical butterflies.  They turned their drawings into printing plates, using yarn and glue.  The students printed with a variety of colors of inks and papers.  They are now taking their prints and drawing the life cycles of a butterfly, and coloring some of the prints.  Final results to come soon, but here are a couple of the prints: