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Cereal drawings June 2, 2010

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 3:59 pm

The 8th graders are finishing their final project at the Morse School.  The drawings of cereal box covers combine the artistic styles of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art and Picasso’s Cubism.  Students used viewfinders to focus on one small part of the box at a time, and drew on small squares of paper.  Once all the squares were drawn, they were puzzled together.  Sometimes the individual drawings matched up, but most of the time they did not!  It took awhile, and many master cubist paintings later,  for the 8th graders to realize that it was okay for the parts to be mismatched.

More of these drawings, as well as most of the 8th grade art from this year will be hung in the main lobby for the 8th grade art show.


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