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Baskets! June 17, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — alaplante @ 2:27 pm

The 3rd graders finished weaving their baskets.  Basket weaving is done through 3 traditional techniques- coiled baskets, plaiting, or wicker baskets.  The students learned how to make a wicker basket, using paper cups and yarn.  The paper cups were vertically cut into 7 sections.  Students wove 2 strands of yarn in and out of the cut sections, periodically changing colors as they spiraled upward.

While weaving, students looked at practical functions of baskets, as well as the aesthetic side of baskets.  Using their knowledge, they came up with some interesting materials that could make good wicker baskets, besides the traditional grasses and yarn!  Some ideas were:  spaghetti, shoelaces, hair, pant legs, belts, and rubber bands.


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