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Chinese ink wells February 18, 2011

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The 4th graders started their Chinese brush painting unit yesterday.  Before they can even begin to use the special bamboo brushes, they needed to make ink wells and brush stands for themselves.  With clay, each student made a 3-part ink well (for various shades of india ink), as well as a brush stand to hold 2 brushes.  After vacation, they will glaze the items, and begin to learn the careful brush techniques!


Favorite memories February 17, 2011

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The 3rd graders have been coming up with their favorite memories, which turned out to be challenging!  According to one student, “we can’t have favorite memories yet, we’re still too young!”  They have carefully re-creating these stories in clay, and after vacation, they will glaze them.  Some of the memories of the students include:  going on a ‘boys’ camping trip with dad and brother; getting a new kitten; spending Christmas in a hotel; learning how to ski; having a birthday party.  The big challenges with this clay project were correctly attaching the clay together, using texture, and showing detail.   Here are some pictures of their sculptures, pre-glazing:


Paper mache dragons

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Ms. Walsh’s class paper-mached over recyclable to create their dragons.  The bodies are plastic bottles, the wings are foam trays, and the tails are newspaper.  The students looked at images of Chinese dragons to find common characteristics in the faces, such as hair, teeth, eyebrows, horns.  They colored dragon faces for the final part of their dragon sculptures.


Looking to the future February 9, 2011

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If you are a Cambridge parent, and haven’t read Dr. Young’s proposal please do!  His plan includes and supports a larger visual and performing arts program for grades 6-8, which is so very important for middle school!  Visit the CPS website for the full report.


Sketching Animals February 8, 2011

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The 1st graders have been very lucky that sketching is part of their weekly schedule in their regular classrooms!  As a result, sketching stuffed animals today seemed so easy to them.  In preparation for a larger observational painting, the students observed what shapes the body, head, and limbs made before concentrating on details.


Making negative space “positive” February 7, 2011

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The 6th graders are currently looking at the negative space, or air around an object, to help with their observational skills.  In the first practice, they colored the negative space around a photocopy of a chair, then moved to looking at the shapes of air made by two objects touching each other, and finally looking at the geometric shapes made by overlapping markers.

After looking at the paintings and sculptures of Jim Dine, the 6th graders are currently drawing the negative spaces made by overlapping, touching, intersecting tools.  There challenge includes coming up with a creative way to color the negative space.

More pictures soon as they finish!