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Rhinos! October 10, 2011

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 7:08 pm

I took the 4th graders to 2 museums in Harvard Sq. last Friday…to the Sackler Art Museum and the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

At the Sackler, the students were introduced to the story of Albrecht Durer’s rhino prints…images he made even though he had never seen one himself.  At the museum, they collectively wrote a poem using observational language; as well as drawing an “imaginary” beast from written clues.  The beast turned out to be be a rhinoceros.

At the HMNH, the students were guided to the African animals exhibit and used observational drawing skills to draw animals they had never heard of before.

These skills learned on the field trip will be used in upcoming Art and ELA classes, including a big surprise towards the end of the month!




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