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Ceramic Symbols December 21, 2011

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The 4th graders recently created family trees.  Each family member was represented by a symbol on the tree.  As an extension of this project, the students took the symbols one step further.  They sculpted in clay their own, personal symbol.  Instead of glazing, the students painted the symbols with watercolors, which allows for mixing and blending of colors…a much different experience than glaze!  Many students chose to create a whole in their projects so yarn could be threaded through, for an option of hanging them.



Rose Windows December 20, 2011

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The fifth graders just finished a collage project.  They learned the difference between bilateral and radial symmetry; and what objects in everyday life have radial symmetry (snowflakes, pizza, eyes, starfish, flowers, fans, wheels, etc.).  The students used their knowledge of symmetry to design a rose window, a circular stained glass window found in many Gothic churches and mosques.  They glued tissue paper to plates to create the windows.  Many of the rose windows are on the bulletin board in the main lobby- check them out!

Some students at work last week:




Art in Central Square December 19, 2011

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The 3rd graders’ Magazine Beach park drawings are on display throughout Central Square.  Visit Toscanini’s, Bank of America, and Cambridge Savings Bank.  The drawings will be up through January 1st, so visit soon!



Looking for Parent-Artists! December 13, 2011

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Attention Morse Parents/Teachers:

Are you an artist or musician?  You might be a professional or just paint for fun!  Either way, we want you!

February 3rd is going to the Granite Street Gallery Walk, featuring art and music by adults in the Morse community, both parents and teachers.

If you are interested in being involved in this arts event, please email me at




Art to do this weekend December 9, 2011

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The ICA is turning 75 this year, and it is celebrating it’s 5th year on the Boston Waterfront.

In honor of these milestones, the ICA is hosting an art-making event tomorrow, December 10th.
Visit their website for more information!

There will be dance classes, art classes, musical performances, dance performances, and movies…sounds like fun!


3D Collage Boxes December 7, 2011

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6th graders just finished self-portrait boxes.  Inspired by the 3D collages made famous by Joseph Cornell, the students incorporated memorabilia and souvenirs from home.  Also included in each box is a ceramic portrait and a map of their neighborhood.  Many students also chose to create or find secret compartments, boxes, or envelopes within the larger boxes.  With these elements, each box tells a story about the student.
Check in the library soon to see the boxes, along with an artist statement to go with each one.




Pen & Ink Sneakers December 6, 2011

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The 8th graders just finished their pen&ink shoe drawings, which came out wonderfully!  They first learned and practiced 5 basic techniques for shading with pen&ink: hatching, cross hatching, stippling, contour lines, and scribbling.  After making an observational drawing of a sneaker, the shading techniques had to be applied into the shoes.  Light, medium, and dark values were encouraged for complete drawings.  Inspiration was drawn from MC Escher’s pencil drawings, and from David Macaulay‘s fantastically illustrated books: City; Castle; Mill; Cathedral; etc.


Fairy Tale-ing December 5, 2011

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New batteries=new posts.  To make up for a lack of updates, 1 per day this week!

The 1st graders finished their fairy tales today.  Their first choice was deciding on a place-where they wanted their unique fairy tale to happen.  Second, they had to create 4 puppet characters- one hero, one “bad guy”, one “magical helper”, and someone who needed saving.  We read The Paper Bag Princess to remind everyone that heros aren’t always princes, and princesses don’t always need to be saved!

As students finished their puppets, they began to perform their stories for each other:




new stuff coming soon December 2, 2011

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Sorry about the recent lack of posts…my camera has been without batteries for awhile!  New batteries and new photos coming next week!