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Snowflake Experts January 27, 2012

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 6:01 pm

The kindergarteners are now experts in the field of snowflakes.  On day 1 of this unit, they practiced line printing with cardboard.  At the end of the class I asked the students to draw what they though snowflakes look like.  I was given a lot of blank stares and questions; they had no idea.  On the second day, we read through a fantastic book, The Secret Life of a Snowflake, and learned about the 6 arms of a snowflake.  They sketched 4 different snowflakes (because they also learned that no two are alike).  Then, they used their line printing skills to create small snowflake designs.  Yesterday, the kindergarteners used all their knowledge to create large snowflake prints.  Here are some of the wonderful results.



Ms. Allison’s class also had a chance to create crystalized snowflakes in their classroom.  Did you know the trick with borax?  Check this out: Crystal Snowflakes


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