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Fauvism in America May 11, 2012

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 3:01 pm

The 4th graders have been studying the regions of the U.S. in Social Studies.  The first component of the Art project was choosing one of the 5 regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, and Southwest) and drawing a landscape with the correct characteristics.  Thinking like the Hudson River School, the students were showing the natural beauty of our country.  Second, for color, the students were introduced to Fauvism and the landscape paintings of Derain.  Students painted their American landscapes in wild, brilliant colors!  And third, the students had to use 6 different painting techniques in their paintings: blending, wet on dry, sponge-painting, paper-toweling, stippling, and drybrushing.

What great results!  And have you heard of the book, The Art of Freedom?  It was a wonderful wrap-up to our project.




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