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Drawing Lab September 9, 2012

Filed under: news,projects — alaplante @ 12:11 pm

In addition to the change in grades at the Morse School, comes another big change in the Art Studio.  3rd-5th graders are getting Art twice a week this year!!  Yes, twice!  One class will still be “Art”, but the second class is “Drawing Lab”.  In Drawing Lab, students will learn different techniques and methods related to observational drawing.  On day 1 this week, they all drew a still life…with no hints or help from me.  On the last day of class in June, they’ll draw the same still life again…hopefully with big improvements!  In between, they’ll learn about skills such as: drawing from memory, negative space, pen & ink, shadows and shading, etc.  We’ll do a couple focus projects on artists who draw, as well as some academic choice days.  There will be journal entries for every class, to document the students’ growth over the year.

Here are some of the Day 1 drawings:




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