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Popcorn and Kneaded Erasers January 15, 2013

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 6:43 pm

In Drawing Lab, the 3rd-5th graders got to experiment with 2 new art materials last week- vine charcoal and kneaded erasers.  In general, I think the kids were excited to use such “real” art materials.  They observed and drew popcorn, a perfect subject for students just learning how to create eraser renderings.  They had a choice to work from a black and white photo or from real popcorn kernels….some kids enjoyed the extra challenge of the real popcorn.  The general technique of eraser rendering is covering the paper with vine charcoal, and then twisting the eraser into a point to draw the object.  Using a blunt side of the eraser, the light values are erased from the image.

Here are some 4th graders at work:





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