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Cat’s tails February 28, 2013

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 8:18 pm

This year I ended the option of “free draw” at the end of class if anyone finishes their work early.  It is wasteful of paper, and students never produce their best work with such a quick and rushed amount of time.  Instead, I decided they needed something worthwhile, collaborative, and skill based.  A cat’s tail is simple form of knitting, done on a loom.  Other names for this technique are spool knitting or french knitting.  Our looms are just toilet paper tubes and popsicle sticks.  Having the cat tails always available allows 3rd-5th graders to work on shared pieces.  Our first finished cat tail, which used the entire skein of yarn was recently finished!  Look forward to seeing more of these knitted masterpieces at the Morse School Art Show.


Check out this cute kid explaining how to do the knitting.


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