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Self portrait time March 30, 2013

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The 3rd graders have learned all the basics of facial proportions, and how to draw all the facial features.  They used pencil shading to achieve highlights and shadows on the skin.  While the expressions may appear somewhat serious in these portraits, the kids will have the freedom to draw themselves with any expression they want for the colorful follow up self portrait!

IMG_0195  IMG_0193

IMG_0194  IMG_0192


Countdown: 9 Days Away!!

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art show


Fun links to check out! March 29, 2013

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The 5th graders are currently involved in a collaborative wire sculpture unit, based on Alexander Calder’s Circus.  One thing that specifically impressed the students was Calder’s ability to make his sculptures movable.

Well, Cambridge just happens to have a great exhibit about a gestural engineer, Arthur Ganson, whose sculptures are all movable.  If you haven’t been to the MIT Museum, you need to go to check out his works.

Here are some links to videos and youtube links of his sculptures:


Story Quilts March 28, 2013

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2nd graders just wrote short stories about themselves and a family member.  These self portraits were inspired by the story quilt, Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold.  Ringgold painted the famous quilt, and the continued to win a Caldecott Honor for translating her quilt into a picture book.  If you want to see (and read!) more 2nd grade work, plan to come to the Morse School Art Show, at Gallery 263!  The show will be up April 8-13th.

IMG_0191  IMG_0189




Landscapes (and Giraffes)! March 19, 2013

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When asked, “what else can be in a landscape besides trees?”, kindergarteners gave me many many answers.  We looked at 10 different master landscape paintings and they named: water, animals, people, buildings, clouds, stars, volcanoes, bridges, etc.

While working on other projects, the kindergarteners have had tree handouts in their folders to color whenever they have free time.  The trees were in 3 different sizes.  I tested their knowledge of perspective and what the horizon line means, and had the students glue the trees on in the correct place on their landscape.  (We have spent quite a few classes learning about horizon lines and perspective and size)  After gluing the trees on, the students were free to add anything else to their landscapes they wanted.





And yes, you are correct if you notice giraffes in both drawings.  I guess it was a giraffe kind of day in KK.


Paintings for Auction! March 18, 2013

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Remember these?

IMG_0183  IMG_0182

Last year, during field trips to the Morse School Art Show, 2nd-4th graders contributed to these large canvases.  Finally, they are going on sale!  The Friends of Morse are hosting an auction fundraiser at Flat Top Johnny’s in a couple weeks, and these paintings are 2 of the many wonderful items.  Check out their website for more information:

Won’t they look great hanging in your home?!


Monster Masks March 17, 2013

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The K/1 spec. needs classes just finished a unit on games and play.  The final lesson was plaster masks for theatrical play!  After reading Go Away Big Green Monster, students applied plaster gauze on face forms.  Leonardo the Terrible Monster was another popular book with the kids.  Choosing from a variety of paper shapes, students created the facial features for their monster masks.  Some masks are funny, some are scary, some are friendly, and some are silly!

IMG_0160  IMG_0162