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Landscapes (and Giraffes)! March 19, 2013

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 3:45 pm

When asked, “what else can be in a landscape besides trees?”, kindergarteners gave me many many answers.  We looked at 10 different master landscape paintings and they named: water, animals, people, buildings, clouds, stars, volcanoes, bridges, etc.

While working on other projects, the kindergarteners have had tree handouts in their folders to color whenever they have free time.  The trees were in 3 different sizes.  I tested their knowledge of perspective and what the horizon line means, and had the students glue the trees on in the correct place on their landscape.  (We have spent quite a few classes learning about horizon lines and perspective and size)  After gluing the trees on, the students were free to add anything else to their landscapes they wanted.





And yes, you are correct if you notice giraffes in both drawings.  I guess it was a giraffe kind of day in KK.


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