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Wrapping Up April 13, 2013

Filed under: news — alaplante @ 2:33 pm

The Morse School Art Show comes to a close today.  I thought i’d wrap up with some quotes from our guest book and some photos from the Tuesday evening reception.  What a success, once again!

“This is a wonderful art show!  There is so much talent and hard work displayed- it is very impressive!”

“So beautiful!  Glad I came.  I’m so impressed by the work by the Morse artists.”

“Beautiful! I love the range of artwork and all the different styles.”

“Wow! The Morse school has so many amazing artists!  Congratulation!”

“What a great show. Thanks for giving the students work such a great venue.”

“I am a neighbor who was out on a walk and stopped in.  I am very impressed with both the quality of the art and the quality of the projects/assignments.  Clearly a strong art program- so nice to see!”

“Wonderfully made!!!”


P1040841  P1040837





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