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Press Here June 13, 2013

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 7:58 pm

We have 3 preschool classrooms at the Morse, and 9 students will be kindergarteners in September.  They got together and came for a sneak peek class in the Art Studio this week.  We read Press Here, which is such a fun and interactive book.  If you’re unfamiliar with Herve Tullet’s books, you really need to check them out, he is amazing!  His website is full of games and videos and activities.  Students were given circles in various sizes and were tasked with creating a design using the circles. After gluing the dots on, they had to create a direction for the page, similar to the directions in Press Here.  I think they’re all excited to come back to the Art Studio in September!

IMG_0386  IMG_0385

IMG_0384  IMG_0383


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