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Symmetrical and Asymmetrical September 17, 2013

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 3:54 pm

The 4/5 DD class is mastering the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.  They can identify objects in the Art Studio that are symmetrical, such as tables, light switches, people, and stools.  Asymmetrical objects they’ve noted are the American flag/pole, a pair of scissors, and a hand.

For the first practice with symmetry, students cut out stencils, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.  They used the stencils with both watercolor spray bottles and tempera paints to create abstract designs.


Today, they cut out initials of their names, and created monoprints on plexiglass using their initial stencils.  They noticed that A’s, I’s, and K’s are symmetrical; and J’s and R’s are asymmetrical.





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