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Fish! January 15, 2014

Filed under: projects — alaplante @ 5:15 pm

The junior kindergarteners are nearing the end of their fish unit.  They drew fish, sculpted clay fish, created fish from yarn, collaged fish, and painted patterns onto fish.  Next up will be wire jellyfish mobiles!

For the collage fish, students looked at the art of Eric Carle and noticed how he uses painted paper for the shapes.  Selecting from pre-cut shapes, students had to identify appropriate shapes for the body, tail, and fins.  Eyes, mouths, gills, and a background were added with oil pastels.

After reading Pattern Fish, students painted patterns using shapes, colors, letters, and numbers onto large pre-drawn fish.

IMG_0639  IMG_0638

IMG_0637  IMG_0642

IMG_0641  IMG_0640



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