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Self Portraits on display March 11, 2014

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For the next month, 15 students will have their self portraits on display in Superintendent Young’s office.  The 4th, 3rd, 1st, and JK students show a lovely progression of knowledge and skills in regards to self portraits.  This timeline of sorts is a small sample of self portraits that every student will create every year.



Scratch paper, from scratch February 5, 2014

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My 2/3 spec. needs class made their own home-made scratch paper.  First, they colored oak tag with oil pastels, being sure to cover the entire board with a thick, heavy layer.  Second, the students painted a thin even layer of black acrylic paint on top (we used foam brushes so no streaks).  After letting the paint dry, they drew their designs with wood styluses, scratching away the black to reveal the color underneath.

While the lines of the homemade paper are more rough and a tad smudgier than store bought paper, the students declared the homemade kind much better!!

IMG_0651  IMG_0652


Garden Earthworks October 8, 2013

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The Andy Goldsworthy-inspired earthworks returned to our school garden, once again!  Using leaves, rocks, sticks, and just about anything else they could come up with, 3rd graders worked in teams to create works of art.  If you want to check them out, you better come soon…this rain storm may have the best of them!

3R4 4_edited-1  3M3 3_edited-1

3R2 3_edited-1

3R1 3_edited-1


3R5 4_edited-1


Drawing Lab posters June 14, 2013

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It’s been a week of breakfast celebrations for the 3rd-5th graders.  To help their parents and teachers, the students created informative posters of key terms.  The posters needed to include a definition, a picture illustrating the definition, and a third component providing additional information about the term.



IMG_0379  IMG_0378

IMG_0377  IMG_0376


Expressive Self Portraits June 6, 2013

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3rd graders love the nickname I give to this project- big heads.  After learning the basics of a self portrait, the students are challenged one step further by drawing themselves with a different facial expression.  Students chose expressions ranging from excited to bored to angry to silly.  They drew heads much larger than life size and colored with chalk pastels.  One of the goals with the pastels was to blend and smudge multiple colors together to create shadow values and highlight values.

IMG_0371 IMG_0374

IMG_0373  IMG_0372


Self portrait time March 30, 2013

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The 3rd graders have learned all the basics of facial proportions, and how to draw all the facial features.  They used pencil shading to achieve highlights and shadows on the skin.  While the expressions may appear somewhat serious in these portraits, the kids will have the freedom to draw themselves with any expression they want for the colorful follow up self portrait!

IMG_0195  IMG_0193

IMG_0194  IMG_0192


Collograph Ocean life February 13, 2013

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The 3rd graders just finished some incredible collograph prints.  Starting with observational drawings from photographs, students translated their drawings into oak tag collographs.  The best part is printing, and experimenting with various color combinations of ink and paper.  Look forward to seeing more of these prints at the Morse School Art Show in April!

IMG_0098  IMG_0097

IMG_0099  IMG_0096