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Chandelier Art March 18, 2012

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Tara Donovan and Dale Chihuly were two American sculptors who acted as inspiration for the sixth graders’ collaborative sculptures.  Using mylar, a shiny, plastic-y material, the teams had to come up with a creative ‘unit’, which they could be able to produce many.  The next challenge was connecting the many units together in an artistic way.  These sculptures taken on the reflective qualities of Donovan’s sculptures, as well as the concept of many parts equally a whole that both artists embrace.



3D Collage Boxes December 7, 2011

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6th graders just finished self-portrait boxes.  Inspired by the 3D collages made famous by Joseph Cornell, the students incorporated memorabilia and souvenirs from home.  Also included in each box is a ceramic portrait and a map of their neighborhood.  Many students also chose to create or find secret compartments, boxes, or envelopes within the larger boxes.  With these elements, each box tells a story about the student.
Check in the library soon to see the boxes, along with an artist statement to go with each one.




Logo sketching September 26, 2011

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The 6th graders have begun their graphic design project.  Using only their initials, the students have been coming up with interesting ways to illustrate a logo.  Their goal is to create a logo that is simple, compact, and understandable.




Completed Pyramid sculpture June 7, 2011

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The 6th graders have been slowly constructing a collaborative sculpture using the paper pyramids they folded a few weeks ago.  For now the sculpture is hanging near my desk, but will have a more permanent location soon.


Pyramid sculpture May 27, 2011

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The 6th grade just finished learning how to draw and shade 3D volumes.  A parent came in one day to teach the students how to fold a single sheet of paper into a 3D pyramid.  We are now using all of the pyramids and gluing them together into clusters, and will soon glue all the clusters together.  We hope to create one giant, 6th grade, hanging sculpture of pyramids!


Egyptian Heiroglyphs April 14, 2011

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The 6th graders have been studying ancient Egypt in their social studies and science classes.  They came to Art class to use heiroglyphs in a more modern art.  After creating a foam collograph tile featuring a heiroglyph of either their first or last name, the students practiced printmaking.  The students’ goal was to create a rotation around a pivot point with their tile, similar to the wings of a ceiling fan.  Using the rotation technique, the students printed an abstract pattern onto larger paper, and finished it with a little extra color!



Negative Space, updated March 2, 2011

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Here are the 6th graders’ finished negative space drawings.  Their challenge was to create an observational drawing of some tools by drawing the air or space around the objects, not the objects themselves.  This always proves more difficult than it seems!  The students came up with great solutions of emphasizing the negative space.