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Self Portraits on display March 11, 2014

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For the next month, 15 students will have their self portraits on display in Superintendent Young’s office.  The 4th, 3rd, 1st, and JK students show a lovely progression of knowledge and skills in regards to self portraits.  This timeline of sorts is a small sample of self portraits that every student will create every year.



Multicultural Arts Center Show February 11, 2014

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The CPS district show looks beautiful!  The Morse School is represented by 3 4th graders, showing their atmospheric perspective cityscapes:





4 2nd graders are showing their Greek amphoras:



And 3 1st graders are showing their self portraits:



And finally, I was happy to see 6 former Morse students who now attend Putnam Ave Upper School showing their work as middle schoolers:

IMG_0673  IMG_0672

IMG_0671  IMG_0669



Annual City-wide Art Show January 29, 2014

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The Cambridge Public Schools is having an art show at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center!  Every elementary and upper school will be represented by 10 students, as well as high school work.

This year, the Morse School is showing artwork by 3 4th graders, 4 2nd graders, and 3 1st graders.  I’ll post pictures of their work next week.

If you would like to attend the opening reception:
February 6th
41 Second St., East Cambridge


Ready and waiting June 7, 2013

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The Super Still Life Improvement Awards have been made, and they’re patiently waiting for next week.  Next week, the 3rd-5th graders are coming to the Art Studio for a breakfast celebration where they’ll be sharing their year-long work in Drawing Lab.  After observing the students, taking notes, and assessing their work, I’ve selected 3 students from each class to earn these awards.  I’ll be presenting them at the breakfasts.

A reminder about the breakfasts:

3rd Grade: Wednesday, June 12th
4th Grade: Thursday, June 13th
5th Grade: Friday, June 14th

All breakfasts are 8:15-9am, in the Art Studio!  Please bring breakfast snacks to share.



Science Fair Flowers May 30, 2013

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Today was the Morse School Science Fair!  The kindergarteners and 2nd graders were displaying art projects in addition to their science exhibits.  The kindergarteners in Mr. K’s class created huge paper mache flowers (strawberry, pine, and daffodil), and came to the Art Studio to paint their creations.  Their partially finished paintings from Art were also on display.  The kindergarteners were focused on the important parts of a flower: stem, leaves, petals, pollen, pistil, and stamen.

The 2nd grade table showcased some of the life-cycle flower pots, which are nicely sprouting!  The larger leaves will be lettuce and the smaller sprouts will be small white flowers called alyssum.

IMG_0318  IMG_0319





Wrapping Up April 13, 2013

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The Morse School Art Show comes to a close today.  I thought i’d wrap up with some quotes from our guest book and some photos from the Tuesday evening reception.  What a success, once again!

“This is a wonderful art show!  There is so much talent and hard work displayed- it is very impressive!”

“So beautiful!  Glad I came.  I’m so impressed by the work by the Morse artists.”

“Beautiful! I love the range of artwork and all the different styles.”

“Wow! The Morse school has so many amazing artists!  Congratulation!”

“What a great show. Thanks for giving the students work such a great venue.”

“I am a neighbor who was out on a walk and stopped in.  I am very impressed with both the quality of the art and the quality of the projects/assignments.  Clearly a strong art program- so nice to see!”

“Wonderfully made!!!”


P1040841  P1040837





Art Show Field Trip April 10, 2013

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In case you missed it, the Morse School Art Show is on display all this week.  Last night was the reception; roughly 85 students with their families, plus teachers and neighbors came out for the event.  I’ll post some pictures of the evening tomorrow!  Several classes have been walking up to Gallery 263 this week during Art class, to check out the show.  Here are some shots of the 5th graders admiring everyone’s work: