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Tile Designs March 25, 2010

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The 7th graders have created beautiful ceramic tiles.  Inspired by the Islamic geometric designs, as well as by Moroccan and Mexican traditions, the students created a symmetrical design.  The design was transferred onto 4 tiles, and then glazed.  In Islamic culture, the color blue is the color of protection, and many students incorporated blue in some way.


Dragons! March 24, 2010

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The second graders recently created Chinese dragons.  Their dragons, like those in Chinese mythology, had to include a flaming pearl for good luck.  The dragons were colored in complementary colors– colors opposite each other on the color wheel-using crayon.  The students blended different colors of crayons together to create different shades of their complementary pair.  Some of these wonderful dragons will be on display at Rodney’s Bookstore in April.


Cubist Photo Collages March 17, 2010

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The 8th graders are working on a Cubism unit.  They are understanding the concept behind Picasso’s art and how it was made.  The 8th graders set up still lifes and took zoomed in photographs of the set up.  They had to reassemble to photos to create the still life.  It was challenging because things didn’t always match up and many holes were left unfilled!  The students have been inspired by David Hockney’s photo collages, which are modern cubist versions of the Picasso originals.  Next, they will be drawing objects and reassembling the fragments.

Look for more of these photo collages at the Morse School Art Show at Gallery 263 in April!


State birds March 16, 2010

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It’s been a long wait, but the 4th graders’ state bird sculptures are being finished!  They worked hard paper-macheing their life size bird armatures.  Using James Audubon’s paintings as reference, they are now finishing the painting part of the project.  Look for these birds at the Morse School Art Show at Gallery 263 in April.


Art at Creatoyvity March 14, 2010

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1st grade stuffed animal paintings are on display at Creatoyvity for one month, now through April 15th.  Creatoyvity is located on Memorial Drive, right next to Starbucks and Trader Joe’s.  Please visit!

The students brought in stuffed animals from home to learn observational drawing.  After a day of sketching, the students drew their animals larger-than-life size.  They added color with watercolors, and added shadows with colored pencils.

Other upcoming Morse Art events:

April: Rodney’s Bookstore
April:  Cambridge Public Schools Annual Spring Art Show at Cambridge Multcultural Arts Center
April:  Morse School Art Show at Gallery 263
May: Cambridge Open Studios


3D Lizards! March 12, 2010

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The junior kindergarteners finished their lizard sculptures.  Using plastic water bottles for the bodies, the students created the legs and tail with aluminum foil.  Plaster gauze was applied over the whole lizard before the final step of painting.  The students are very proud of their new friends; they will be on display in the library for the next few weeks…check them out!


Evergreen Tiles March 3, 2010

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The final segment of the kindergarten tree unit is complete.  Using the etched foam drawings from their prints, the students pressed balls of clay into the lines.  The resulting evergreen branch drawing is in relief, raised out of the small clay tile.  The students painted one layer of green glaze, buffed some off to highlight the texture, then painted a final layer of clear glaze.