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Special Shapes November 22, 2010

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The 6th graders are learning about shapes.  They made these practice shapes in preparation for a larger-scale landscape collage, inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-outs.  The shapes that they are now masters of include:  simple, complex, geometric, organic, positive, negative, symmetrical, and asymmetrical.


Paint Battles November 17, 2010

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2nd graders are learning to mix colors, or “battle”, as they are describing it.  After looking at and discussing Kandinsky’s Sea Battle, the students created an abstract drawing using stencils that emphasize movement.  Within the shapes, the students are picking 2 colors to paint towards each other until they mix, battle, and make a third color.  Here are some photos mid-painting.


5th Grade Architects November 11, 2010

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The 5th graders have been hired by teachers in our school to design buildings.  Teachers were given surveys to fill out, which asked them to describe a building they would want designed and built.  The students were each assigned to a teacher-client, and they are currently busy designing the ideal buildings.  Throughout this project, the students will learn about the architecture of Frank Gehry, Antonio Gaudi, and IM Pei as inspiration.  Here are some works in progress; an apartment building, a beach house, a castle, and mountain lodge.


Magazine collection November 10, 2010

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I am seeking donations of old magazines.  Specifically sports, news, or fashion magazines.  Please drop them off in the Art Studio.

Thank you!


Self Portraits November 9, 2010

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They have been a long time coming, but the 7th and 8th graders’ self portraits are finished!  They each made 2 self portraits from the same photograph.  The first portrait was painted with 3 values, either primary colors or secondary colors.  The second painting was made with complementary colors, still with 3 values.


A Mystery Bulb November 4, 2010

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The Special Start preschoolers planted an amaryllis bulb last week.  After investigating the bulb and noticing its roots, the kids painted their own version.  Using a shoebox and marbles, the preschoolers dipped the marbles in paint and rolled the marbles on paper in the box.  This week, the kids predicted what they think the flower will look like when it blooms.  They chose from a variety of shapes and colors of flower petals.  We will also be charting the plant’s growth in the next few weeks!