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BU Gallery Class November 13, 2012

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Over the weekend, 5 Morse students attended a free art studio class, hosted by Boston University’s art education students.  They invited several area schools to attend this workshop, held in three BU art galleries.  Lucky for us, BU is right across the river from us!

In one group, students viewed the abstract paintings of Joe Geigan, and created mixed media collages.

In a second group, students viewed the installation art of Vlatka Horvat, and created found object ‘shelters’.

Here’s the work from our Morse attendees:





BU Art Enrichment November 27, 2008

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The fantastic 6 week Boston University Art Enrichment program ended last Monday.  To celebrate the work of the Morse students, as well as the teaching by the BU students, we had a breakfast reception Monday morning for friends and family.  The well-attended breakfast reception was not the only opportunity to view the artwork, it is all on display on the bulletin board outside the Art Studio.

Some photos of the bulletin board:

img_0271 img_0269



BU Art Enrichment October 24, 2008

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Today was the third class of the 6 week BU Art Enrichment Program. In its second year, BU art education students come to Morse to teach a supplemental art class to select students. This year, 15 students from the 3rd, 4th, and 6th grade are participating. Both BU students and Morse students are enthusiastic and great work is coming out of these classes. The theme for this year’s program is “isms in observational drawing”. The students have been drawing common kitchen objects, attempting to give the objects a feeling of importance, through the styles of realism, impressionism, cubism, pop art, and more.

Some photos of the works-in-progress as well as the Morse students and BU students working together: