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Paper Relief Hotels December 20, 2010

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4th graders just finished an architecture project.  Their challenge was to camoflauge a building in its environment, in their case, a hotel.  The hotels were constructed in relief, which the classes cleverly now call “2.5D”  because relief sculpture lies somewhere between 2D and 3D.  The students had to experiment with different things they could do with paper, to achieve various effects in their artwork.  Here are some great finished examples!


Newspaper Drive December 8, 2010

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The Art Studio needs newspaper for an upcoming paper-mache project!  Please leave donations if you have a stack.

Thank you!


Turning old stuff into art

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Ms. Walsh’s class chose some recycled, used, and found objects for their current project, including toilet paper tubes, straws, foam trays, plastic caps, etc.  First they used the objects to print paint on paper, noticing how the objects left various patterns and marks.  After creating 2D versions of the found objects, they glued the painted objects into a shoebox for a relief sculpture, which will be painted next week.   More to come soon!


Art for the Art Studio December 4, 2010

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Mr. Weir, one of our 2nd grade teachers, is a wonderful stained glass artist; and he’s given one of his works to the art studio!  Made from scraps from other projects, this beautiful collage will proudly be displayed in a window.  Now to figure out how to hang it from my very high ceilings….


Finished Architecture Designs December 1, 2010

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Our 5th grade architects completed their designs!   In addition to mastering the architectural terms for their own drawings, the students have been sharing with each other the meanings of their terms, words such as granite, wrap around porch, shingles, weathervanes, bay windows, skylights.

The drawings will soon be on display on a bulletin board for all to enjoy.

Below are a flying house, dog house, and a house converted from a barn.


Torn Animals

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The 1st graders are working on a cave art unit.  Using earth colors, they ripped paper into animal shapes.  By doing this, the students were forced to eliminate details, something the cave art paintings also lacked.   Next week, the students will be making their own tempera paint from powder, in an effort to understand how cave painters made paint from ground up stones.