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Print Collections March 31, 2011

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These are an example of finished 7th grade prints.  Using the technique of reduction linoleum printing, students made abstract designs, inspired by quilt squares.  After creating 8 prints, students had the freedom to present a “collection” of prints in whatever format they chose.

Look for more print collections at the upcoming Morse School Art Show at Gallery 263!


Fireflies March 30, 2011

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Kindergarteners have been doing an author study on Eric Carle in the library.  In the art studio, they made their own “Eric Carle paper”, by painting layers of patterns on tissue paper.  With the paper, the students created insects.  In addition to their own insects, everyone made a smaller firefly, which will get installed in the library, complete with Christmas-tree-lights to light up the fireflies!  Stay tuned for the lit up bugs…


Keeping it simple March 24, 2011

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The 4th graders are using their own inkwells and brush stands to help them with their Chinese brush paintings.  They are feeling very special with bamboo brushes and india ink, so special that some students have even been asking where they can buy their own bamboo brushes and ink to paint at home!  Next week, the students are in for another treat, getting to use rice paper for final drafts.  Here are their practice paintings with their inkwells:


3rd Grade Memories March 17, 2011

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The 3rd graders’ glazed memory sculptures are slowly being finished.  Here are a few that have come out of the kiln:


Stuffed Animals!

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Visit the bulletin boards outside the art studio to see some of the 1st graders’ stuffed animal paintings.  They were excited to bring in animals from home and use them in school!


CMAC Art Show March 11, 2011

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Yesterday was the reception for the CPS Annual Spring Art Show at Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.  Here are the Morse School artworks:

And don’t forget about the upcoming Morse School Art Show, at Gallery 263, from April 25th- May 1st!


Flower power March 10, 2011

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The pre-schoolers are starting a springtime mural.  They collaborated on one canvas with drawings today and will soon paint.  In their classroom, the students have been studying, observing, and drawing flowers.  So far, their mural is resembling a retro 70’s flower pattern.  Looking forward to seeing how it ends!