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Last Day of School June 19, 2009

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Today is the last day of school!  Here are the finished flower pots by the 2nd graders.  On the sides of the pots, the students used the technique of sgraffito to draw life cycles- either frogs, flowers, butterflies, or seasons.

During the month of July, I will be posting photos from the summer art camp I teach at Beaver Country Day School, please check in for updates!

IMG_0641 IMG_0642

IMG_0653 IMG_0654

IMG_0663 IMG_0662


Art Supply Mandalas

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For their last art class, the junior kindergarteners were given all sorts of art supplies.  Using a hula hoop on the floor, they created mandalas.  Working in teams of 4, they constructed patterns and built up layers of supplies.  Hopefully in the fall, the students will build on this skill and create mandalas outside in the garden.

IMG_0658 IMG_0655

IMG_0657 IMG_0661


Congrats to the 8th Grade

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The 8th graders graduated last night.  Here are some photos from their artwork that has been on display in the main lobby.

IMG_0644 IMG_0646

IMG_0647 IMG_0648



Great Still Lifes June 17, 2009

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The 6th graders completed their 2nd observational drawing of the year, and continue to improve!  They began with simple 3D volumes, learning the correct way to shade to show the 3D quality.  Next, the students looked at vases, mugs, baskets, bowls, and noted what 3D volumes were inside the objects.

For the still lifes, Mr. Everhart’s homeroom used value scales and shaded their drawings with pencil.  Mrs. Hester’s homeroom used line weight and color to finish the drawings.

For inspiration, the students looked at still life paintings by Giorgio Morandi, an Italian artist who makes great use of simple objects.

IMG_0629 IMG_0628

IMG_0632 IMG_0631

IMG_0630 IMG_0633 IMG_0634


5th Grade Superheros June 16, 2009

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The fifth graders finished their superheros.  Beginning with a survey, the students created their ideal alter-ego, based on what super-power they wanted, as well as colors and names.  The students learned the correct proportions of the human body–7-8 heads tall.  We even measured a few student heads and multiplied that number by 7…the 7 head rule was always correct!

Next, the students learned how to put the human body in motion.  They practiced many poses, always keeping the body 7 heads tall.

After choosing a pose, the superhero was put into action.

IMG_0623 IMG_0624

IMG_0625 IMG_0626



Sculpture Updates June 12, 2009

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The 1st and 3rd graders have finished their final projects of the school year.  The first graders worked hard to create mixed up animal sculptures, starting with sketches, then constructing out of clay, then glazing.  They read a lot of poems by Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky about silly animals for inspiration.

The 3rd graders finished their baskets as well.  They have been looking at traditional baskets of Native American and African tribes, as well as contemporary baskets from recycled materials.  They were impressed that baskets can be made out of belts, moss, telephone wire, potato chip bags, magazines, metal, plastic shopping bags, and more!

Some finished projects:

IMG_0601 IMG_0602

IMG_0572 IMG_0576


Bikes at Riverfest June 9, 2009

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The 4th graders just finished their observational drawing project for the year.  They learned to use viewfinders to focus on one small section of an object and zoom in close.  The pencil drawings were completed with monochromatic chalk pastels.  After creating value scales, the students applied those values to the values they observed in the real bikes.

This Saturday, June 13th, from 12-6pm is the annual Riverfest, a celebration of the arts along the Charles River.  20 of the 4th graders’ bike drawings will be on display in the Cambridge Public School’s art exhibit.

Photos of the students at work, as well as a couple finished drawings.  Please excuse the flash spots…the drawings have been laminated for the Riverfest!

IMG_1424 IMG_1426

IMG_0565 IMG_0563

IMG_0570 IMG_0569