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Day of the Dead Family Festival October 28, 2011

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Next Saturday in Harvard Square!

From the Peabody Museum’s website:

Drop-in Family Event

November 5, 2011           12:00-4:00 pm

Free with Peabody Museum admission. Sugar skull workshop: $5 per skull.
For more information: or 617-495-3216

You’re invited to the Day of the Dead celebration at the Peabody Museum. Bring your camera for new activities this year! Have your face painted, make some dress-up crafts and calaca (skull) masks, and then pose for pictures of yourself in front of the holiday backdrop and with costumed Catrinas/Catrins (elegant skeletons). View the special altars and decorations, leave messages for your departed loved ones, and enjoy festive music. Decorate and take home a sugar skull and have some light snacks. Recommended for ages 5 and up accompanied by an adult.


Did you hear about our special visitors? October 25, 2011

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We were thrilled to meet two never before seen creatures yesterday!  The creatures, created by the robotics club at CRLS and the drama class at CRLS were exploring school.  Part of the Sackler/CRLS/Morse 4th graders collaboration, the creatures were here for the 4th graders to observe, draw, and write about.  Much like Albrecht Durer’s rhinoceros, many students in school got glimpses of these creatures, but many students did not, relying solely on gossip and rumor of the beasts!

Here are our visitors:




Family Day of art-making October 19, 2011

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Harvard’s Sackler Art Museum, is hosting a Family Day, this Saturday October 22nd, from 1-3pm.  The exhibit that this activity will take place in is the same exhibit I took the 4th graders to a couple weeks ago: Prints and Pursuit of Knowledge.  If the Family Day is as much fun as the field trip, I highly recommend going!  Click here for more information about the Museum and October 22nd.

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Garden rainbow October 18, 2011

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The junior kindergarteners came for an Open Studio class recently to create a rainbow.  They had previously been in our Citysprouts garden and located objects of every color.  In the art studio, they colored in the shapes they had identified, as well as coloring in the bands of the rainbow.  The final product is currently displayed on a bulletin board near the library.



Birthday celebrations October 17, 2011

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The 2nd graders are learning about the folk art tradition of Mexico’s Amate bark paintings.  Inspired by the celebratory, colorful paintings, the students have created the ultimate birthday party.  They each chose 4 activities that would have at a celebration in their honor.  Some of the activities include: go kart racing, skiing, hot air balloon rides, sno kone machines, trampolines…the list could go on forever.  The photos show the students at work, painting with neon paints.



Congrats to… October 14, 2011

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Ms. Carhart’s homeroom!  The 7th graders were the ultimate champions in the Back-to-School Art Studio championship.  As a reward, they won a trophy for their homeroom teacher, as well as apple pie made by me.  And we can’t forget about the 4th grade runner-ups…they put up a valiant fight.


8th grade Knights

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The 8th graders came during their Social Studies classes to create a personal Coat of Arms.  Each student had to choose particular symbols and images that hold certain values.  For example, a tower symbolizes protection, while a hydra symbolizes mysteriousness.  The students also had to determine their mark of cadency, or birth order.  A first born child is symbolized by a zig zag line, while a second born child with a crescent.  Even the colors were representative of important values!