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More garden art October 8, 2008

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Fall is a great time of year for garden-based art projects.

Mr. Klinman’s kindergarteners have finished their series of garden images. Observational drawings began in the garden using viewfinders, followed by watercolor painting from photographs also through the viewfinders. The final component was in the computer lab. Using iPhoto, the students edited their photos, experimenting with saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness. The final results are fantastic examples of different perspectives of the same subject.

Some finished kindergarten projects (also displayed in school if you’d like to see more):

Also, Mr. Macomber’s third graders were in the garden, creating their earthworks today:


Goldsworthy in the garden October 3, 2008

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The third graders have been hard at work planning and creating earthworks in our Citysprouts garden. They examined photographs of Andy Goldsworthy‘s well known earthworks, noting the natural materials he uses to make his works.

Working in partners, the students collected stuff from the garden and created temporary designs and patterns throughout the garden.

Visit the garden to watch as the earthworks change and disappear due to weather, animals, and maintenance.

Here are a couple photos from Mrs. Roderick’s class:


Welcome! September 19, 2008

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Thanks for checking out the new blog for the Art Studio at Morse.  The goal of this blog is to showcase student work, highlight special projects, and get general news out to the Morse community.  Students will have an opportunity to write entries as well, providing their own insight to the explorations in the studio.  I’m looking forward to a great year at Morse!

To start things out, here are a couple photos from Mr. Klinman’s class, practicing their observational drawing skills in the Citysprouts garden:

Feel free to stop into the studio anytime to say hello or email me at any time:

-Ms. Laplante