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Art from junk February 25, 2014

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After reading a book about sorting and grouping, junior kindergarteners explored my junk collection, or found objects.  They collected objects according to color, shape, size, texture, and other characteristics. After sorting through the objects, students then began creating images using the junk as collage objects.

IMG_0718  IMG_0730a

IMG_0736a  IMG_0726a

Speaking of my junk collection, if you have anything that you think i might want, please drop it off to the Art Studio!


Save the Date! January 30, 2014

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The Morse School Art Show will be held at Gallery 263 from May 19- May 24!  The artist reception is tba, either Tuesday or Wednesday evening of that week.


Save the Dates! May 8, 2013

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Attention parents of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!!

save the date, Aimee



Kindergarten Clay Self-Portraits April 11, 2012

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In Kindergarten we created self-portraits out of clay. The students first learned how to create basic volumes out of clay, such as a ball, long ropes, and ovals. The students were able to refer to their two-dimentional self-portraits the class had made the previous week to help them see the proportions of their features.  We added eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, and hair to create our individual portraits. They have so much personality and look fantastic!



Evergreen Trees March 20, 2012

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The kindergarten class started their evergreen tree project by creating trees in perspective. In class we discussed why little trees look far away and larger trees are in the foreground. Once the students created their 2D landscapes we looked at individual evergreen needles. Students etched sketches of their needles into pieces of foam

and eventually printed their needles.

-Ms. Tracey


Save the Date March 8, 2012

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The Morse School Art Show
@ Gallery 263
263 Pearl Street

April 23-28
Artists’ reception: Thursday, April 26, 5-7pm

There will be: drawings, paintings, prints, collage, a mural, sculptures, movies.  There will be: self portraits, landscapes, multicultural art, dragons, architecture, stuffed animals, flowers.

Coming soon!


Science Fair May 8, 2011

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This past Friday was the science fair at school.  The Special Start preschool’s table represented a science and art collaboration we did earlier in the school year.  Students inquired and inspected an amarylils bulb, predicted what it would look like, and measured its weekly growth.  In the art studio, they created the root system, chose the correct bulb shape, and predicted the blossom.  Hopefully you had a chance to check out the fair on Friday!