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Painters in action December 11, 2012

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The second graders are painting abstract compositions made from stencils.  We talked about how artists achieve “movement” in their paintings, even though the paintings don’t move at all.  Their swirly, wiggly, dancing shapes were much more interesting than squares and circles.

Now, the students are painting the drawing.  They are ‘battling’ two colors together to make a third color inside every shape.  This will begin a conversation about warm and cool colors.

IMG_3994  IMG_3995



Primary Color Day December 10, 2012

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Today was Primary Color Day in the kindergarten classes!  They celebrated those 3 important colors by wearing red, yellow, and blue to school.  In Art, they’re learning about the art of Piet Mondrian, and creating patterns and collages, inspired by his work.

And, how can we have a celebratory day without a dance party at the end of class?!  Check out this great video on youtube:  OK Go, for Sesame Street.


Bren Bataclan visits! December 9, 2012

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Local artist, Bren Bataclan, is an artist famous for his Smile Project.  He came to the Morse on Friday to present to the 4th and 5th graders.  He shared his work that travels the world, drew for the kids, and ran a drawing workshop for the kids.  He enthusiasm was contagious..the kids were excited to vote for characters/animals they’d rather learn to draw.  And the whole thing ended with everyone giving Bren a 30 second countdown for him to transform his name into a smile character.

This is the 2nd time Bren Bataclan has visited the Morse School in the last 7 years…we hope to be lucky to learn from our local celebrity in the future as well!

P1040779  P1040781


P1040798  P1040794



Super 5th Graders December 3, 2012

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5th graders just created their alter-egos.  For this self portrait assignment, students began with a survey about themselves; questions relating to their favorite colors, desired superpower, favorite animal, etc.  Next, students learned about basic human proportions, enabling them to draw their characters more accurately.  We stick to the 7 head rule, which illustrates that a human is 7 heads tall, and landmarks include the waist/elbows at 3 heads down, hands at 4 heads down, and knees at 5 heads down.

Here are some of our local heroes:

IMG_3973IMG_3974 IMG_3975 IMG_3976