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Press Here June 13, 2013

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We have 3 preschool classrooms at the Morse, and 9 students will be kindergarteners in September.  They got together and came for a sneak peek class in the Art Studio this week.  We read Press Here, which is such a fun and interactive book.  If you’re unfamiliar with Herve Tullet’s books, you really need to check them out, he is amazing!  His website is full of games and videos and activities.  Students were given circles in various sizes and were tasked with creating a design using the circles. After gluing the dots on, they had to create a direction for the page, similar to the directions in Press Here.  I think they’re all excited to come back to the Art Studio in September!

IMG_0386  IMG_0385

IMG_0384  IMG_0383


New Easels April 23, 2012

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I just bought a bunch of new table-top easels.  The preschoolers were the first to try them out…I think they loved them!  We gave them paper and paint and let them paint whatever they wanted, and got some great abstract results.

Some pictures of them in action:



Going to the Zoo March 27, 2012

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The Special Start preschool (and all 4 K classes) are going to the Franklin Park Zoo next week.  To prepare the preschoolers for the monkeys and apes they are going to see, they created a mural in the art studio.  Using tissue paper leaves, the students glued a jungle onto canvas.  Flowers, bananas, and branches were also added.  Yesterday, they sponge-painted stencils of lemurs, mandrills, gorillas, and tamarins onto the canvas- all animals they’ll see at the zoo!


This mural will be on display at the Morse School Art Show, April 23-28th!


New Year, new updates! January 16, 2012

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Well, it’s 2 weeks into the new year, and I’m finally ready to make some updates…life has been busy at work and home lately!

The Special Start preschoolers came to create snowflakes for their seasonal tree in their classroom.  Instead of the traditional cut-out snowflakes, they created the snow with tissue paper and glue.  Following lines pre-drawn, the students traced glue lines.  They then crumpled small pieces of tissue paper and pressed the “snow” into the glue lines.



Flower mural April 5, 2011

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After the pre-schoolers drew their flowers on the canvas, they painted tissue paper squares on top for color.  Their drawings were painted over with thick black lines.

Look for this mural at the Morse School Art Show!


Flower power March 10, 2011

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The pre-schoolers are starting a springtime mural.  They collaborated on one canvas with drawings today and will soon paint.  In their classroom, the students have been studying, observing, and drawing flowers.  So far, their mural is resembling a retro 70’s flower pattern.  Looking forward to seeing how it ends!


A Mystery Bulb November 4, 2010

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The Special Start preschoolers planted an amaryllis bulb last week.  After investigating the bulb and noticing its roots, the kids painted their own version.  Using a shoebox and marbles, the preschoolers dipped the marbles in paint and rolled the marbles on paper in the box.  This week, the kids predicted what they think the flower will look like when it blooms.  They chose from a variety of shapes and colors of flower petals.  We will also be charting the plant’s growth in the next few weeks!