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Plaster shells March 19, 2014

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While the 5th graders have been working on observational drawings of shells, the spec. needs 4/5 class has also been exploring shells, but in all mediums.  Most recently, they created plaster molds of shells.  First, the smoothed a layer of clay into a round container.  Second, we pressed small shells into the clay’s surface, creating negative imprints.  Lastly, we mixed up a batch of plaster and poured it on top of the shell.  About an hour later, the plaster pops off, leaving positive casts of the shells!



Smile Morse February 26, 2014

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The prints are being hidden as we speak!  36 prints total will be hidden throughout school, waiting for the lucky student or teacher to find it!  Check out Bren Bataclan’s page for more info about the Smile Project.

Here are the 5th graders 3 part reduction prints.  They carved linoleum, printed, re-carved, printed again, and then colored a bonus color on.  The students loved experimenting with color combinations.  Well worth the effort!





Messy hands February 3, 2014

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The 4/5 spec. needs class is hard at work with their Smile Project.   They are currently creating large, 3D sculptures of smile characters.  Here, you can see some hands in paper mache,  a definite class favorite! I think they’d happily use paper mache every day for the rest of the year if I let them!

Be on the look-out for these sculptures at the Morse School Art Show in May!

IMG_0655  IMG_0654


Smiles soon appearing! January 26, 2014

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The 5th graders are hard at work on their Smile Project.  In the past, we have done paintings and relief tiles; this year, reduction prints.  The students carved their smile characters into soft linoleum blocks and printed them.  Next, they will cut away more of the block and reprint on top of the first round prints.  These hidden prints should start to make an appearance throughout school in 3 weeks or so.



Surrealism, cont. December 21, 2013

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The 5th graders have finally finished their surrealism watercolor stories! We discussed many of Salvador Dali’s paintings, and guessed how he came up with some of his ideas.  They created silly sentences using words picked from a cup.  For example, what sentence could you write using the words ‘bunny’, ‘rainbow’, ‘sad’, and ‘jump’?  While painting, students had to incorporate 7 different watercolor techniques: crayon resist, wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brushing, salt, rubbing alcohol, and light/medium/dark values.  The results are great!  Watch out for these paintings and stories in the spring Morse School Art Show…

IMG_0620  IMG_0618

IMG_0617  IMG_0619


Silly Surrealist Stories December 10, 2013

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The 5th graders are busy with a watercolor surrealism unit, and the 4/5 spec. needs class just finished their own version.  We began the unit by playing madlibs, and creating impossible, silly stories.  Inspired by the madlibs, the students created their own stories.  Using pre-cut magazine images, the students collaged together unlikely people, places, and objects.  They wrote the sentences for each others collages to describe what was created.

IMG_0595  IMG_0592  IMG_0594





Watercolor Magic Tricks November 14, 2013

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5th graders are preparing to paint their Surrealist stories, but first they needed to learn some magic tricks!  With the help of salt, white crayons, and rubbing alcohol, the students practiced 7 different ways to use watercolors in a creative way.


Here’s a close up of the salt and rubbing alcohol techniques, by far the favorite!  All you do is sprinkle salt/rubbing alcohol onto wet paint and let the magic happen…