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Pearl Art Store sale! January 28, 2010

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Pearl Art Store in Central Square is going out of business.  Everything in the store is 75% off, and it appears they’ll only be open for 2 or 3 more days.  If you want some cheap art supplies, go fast!


Wire Sculptures January 22, 2010

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The 5th grade installations are complete.  To view (and print) the high resolution pictures, click here.


Primitive Art

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While learning about the Ice Age and cave art, 1st graders had the opportunity to make art in a primitive way.  They made animal collages- without color and without scissors.  They had only browns, black, and gray to create the animals, and they had to tear and rip the paper into the animal shapes.  After creating the collage and adding background details, the students “signed” their names with handprints.


Evergreen Trees January 20, 2010

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Landscapes can be tricky, but kindergarteners are starting to understand them.  Looking at various landscapes, they are noticing that closer objects are larger in size than objects that are far away.  Those objects that are far away are always closer to the horizon line.  To practice, the students drew 4 evergreen trees in a couple different sizes to show their distance from the viewer.

To paint the evergreen trees, the kindergarteners learned about shades of colors.  Looking at their clothes, they realized that jeans can be several different shades of blue.  Looking at landscape paintings, they saw that trees can be several different shades of green.  Each tree in their paintings started as green, then 4 other colors were mixed in, to create a shade of green.


Art at Mariposa Bakery January 12, 2010

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Mariposa Bakery is the current host for our Morse Art in the Community initiative.  From January 10th-February 10th, the bakery is displaying the 5th grade shell drawings.  Please visit!  Mariposa is also hosting an opening reception for the 5th graders and their friends and familyon Friday, January 22, from 5-7pm.

Mariposa Bakery does not have a website, but here is their information:
424 Mass Ave in Central Square, phone #: (617) 876-6500

Future community art shows:
February- Four Burgers
March- Creatoyvity
April- Rodney’s Bookstore
April- Gallery 263 Morse School Art Show
May- Cambridge Open Studios
May- Cambridge Public Schools Annual Spring Exhibition


Mural Installation January 7, 2010

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The jazz murals are installed in the music room.  They are up indefinitely!


Calder’s “Olympics” January 5, 2010

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Alexander Calder was an American sculptor, most known for his large mobiles; however, 5th graders have been influenced by Calder’s Circus, a kinetic sculpture of wire and found objects.  Click here for a link to view Calder operating his sculpture.  Each class has chosen an action-inspired theme…Ms. Jeram’s class is Winter Olympics and Ms. Bishop’s class is City Life.  Students are creating wire figures to be installed into a class display.  They are also collecting junk/found objects to use in their sculptures, so please donate any small junk objects if you have them!

Here are some sculptures from the Winter Olympics installation:


Painting with their noses

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The Special Start preschoolers came to the studio for a special multi-sensory painting project.  They had 4 colors of paint with 4 scented extracts mixed in…red with peppermint, orange with orange, white with coconut, and black with anise/licorice.  For each color/scent, the students used a different tool to paint.  They had a brush for the red paint, rollers for the orange, texture stamps for the white, and dot sponges for the black.  Because the coconut and licorice scents were slightly unfamiliar for some of the students, they will be having a taste test this week!