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Self Portraits on display March 11, 2014

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For the next month, 15 students will have their self portraits on display in Superintendent Young’s office.  The 4th, 3rd, 1st, and JK students show a lovely progression of knowledge and skills in regards to self portraits.  This timeline of sorts is a small sample of self portraits that every student will create every year.



Self portraits January 27, 2014

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First graders used 3 values to create their self portraits.  They realized that if they start with a light value to create an initial sketch, they can edit and fix a drawing with darker values.  The original light value almost disappears!  Students looked at many Modigliani portraits Students drew with markers only, no pencils.  After drawing, they painted water on top to activate the water-soluble markers and mix the colors together.

IMG_0648  IMG_0647

IMG_0646  IMG_0645



Fairy tale settings November 16, 2013

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If you could write your own fairy tale, where would it take place?  That was the question posed to 1st graders last week.  After a discussion about places and settings, students have created a backdrop for their stories.  Next up, what kinds of characters would be in your own fairy tale?

IMG_0583  IMG_0582



Drawing in the Dark October 29, 2013

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The 1st graders had the blinds closed and lights turned off, and pretended they were drawing in caves.  After cutting out and gluing some previously collaged and painted animals, the students worked in teams to tell a story via a mural.  Now the question is, where to hang 12 giant murals?!







No zebras or flamingos here! October 24, 2013

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The first graders were challenged to draw and paint animals that are from Massachusetts.  After learning about cave art, the students noticed that many caves depicted the same kinds of animals.  Why?  Because that’s all that the cave men/women saw and encountered in their daily lives.  So the 1st graders came up with animals that they could encounter in Massachusetts: rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, mice, birds, farm animals, whales, sharks, fish, etc.   Students first sketched 4 animals, then chose 1 to enlarge and paint with shades of brown.

This week, they will combine forces and create group murals using these animals!

IMG_0552  IMG_0556

IMG_0554  IMG_0553



Color Wheel practice October 3, 2013

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The first graders are expanding their color theory knowledge!  They mastered primary colors last year, and now they know their art equations: red+yellow=orange; yellow+blue=green; and red+blue=purple.

And guess what!  This Friday is Secondary Color Day.  First graders and all their teachers are encouraged to wear secondary colors to school.

Here, the 1st grader at work, mixing up their primary colors to fill in a color wheel:

IMG_0521  IMG_0520



Poetry month May 11, 2013

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April was Poetry Month!  1st graders have been reading poems by Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein, who both have written funny, inspirational poems about imaginary animals.  Students each chose 3 animals and sketched what a combo creature would look like.  Using clay, they translated their drawings to 3 dimensions.

Can you tell what 3 animals have been combined?