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Branding themselves! November 21, 2013

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The 3rd-5th graders have finished their logo designs, creating brands for themselves!  Choosing their most successful sketch, students created 4 finished versions of it, with subtle changes.  These logos feature the students’ initials, and are meant to be simple, one piece, and understandable.

IMG_0586      IMG_0587 IMG_0588      IMG_0589

IMG_0591     IMG_0590

Next up, the students tackle a Morse School logo!


Fairy tale settings November 16, 2013

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If you could write your own fairy tale, where would it take place?  That was the question posed to 1st graders last week.  After a discussion about places and settings, students have created a backdrop for their stories.  Next up, what kinds of characters would be in your own fairy tale?

IMG_0583  IMG_0582



Abstract Matisse Collages November 15, 2013

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2nd graders are just finishing up an abstract collage.  Inspired by the cut-outs of Henri Matisse, students practiced cutting organic and geometric shapes.  They selected colors based on the color wheel’s warm and cool colors.  And finally, they highlighted some shapes with yarn lines.  Henri’s Scissors is a great picture book that explains how Matisse went from painter to collage artist!

IMG_0580  IMG_0579


Watercolor Magic Tricks November 14, 2013

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5th graders are preparing to paint their Surrealist stories, but first they needed to learn some magic tricks!  With the help of salt, white crayons, and rubbing alcohol, the students practiced 7 different ways to use watercolors in a creative way.


Here’s a close up of the salt and rubbing alcohol techniques, by far the favorite!  All you do is sprinkle salt/rubbing alcohol onto wet paint and let the magic happen…




Logo sketches November 8, 2013

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Grades 3-5 are still taking Drawing Lab this year, a second art class per week!  Last year, we focused on observational drawing skills, and this year the focus is more on design and elements and principles of design.

The students have been challenged to create a logo for themselves, using only their initials as their design.  (Imagine the logos for Yahoo, MTV, PlayStation, and Toyota as inspiration).  Their 3 goals for the sketches are compact, simple, and understandable.  In the coming weeks, students will narrow down their sketches to more official logos, and may even design a Morse logo!

Here are their initial sketches and ideas:

IMG_0572  IMG_0571



Tall Tall Grass Mural November 7, 2013

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Kindergarteners have been working on a collaborative mural, based on the book, In the Tall Tall Grass.  They learned how to cut wavy and zig-zag lines for the grass.  They made leaf prints using colorful fall leaves; and drew “monster bugs” to fit into the grass.

How beautiful and colorful!