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Save the Date! January 30, 2014

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The Morse School Art Show will be held at Gallery 263 from May 19- May 24!  The artist reception is tba, either Tuesday or Wednesday evening of that week.


Annual City-wide Art Show January 29, 2014

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The Cambridge Public Schools is having an art show at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center!  Every elementary and upper school will be represented by 10 students, as well as high school work.

This year, the Morse School is showing artwork by 3 4th graders, 4 2nd graders, and 3 1st graders.  I’ll post pictures of their work next week.

If you would like to attend the opening reception:
February 6th
41 Second St., East Cambridge


Self portraits January 27, 2014

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First graders used 3 values to create their self portraits.  They realized that if they start with a light value to create an initial sketch, they can edit and fix a drawing with darker values.  The original light value almost disappears!  Students looked at many Modigliani portraits Students drew with markers only, no pencils.  After drawing, they painted water on top to activate the water-soluble markers and mix the colors together.

IMG_0648  IMG_0647

IMG_0646  IMG_0645



Smiles soon appearing! January 26, 2014

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The 5th graders are hard at work on their Smile Project.  In the past, we have done paintings and relief tiles; this year, reduction prints.  The students carved their smile characters into soft linoleum blocks and printed them.  Next, they will cut away more of the block and reprint on top of the first round prints.  These hidden prints should start to make an appearance throughout school in 3 weeks or so.



Free art workshop this Sunday! January 24, 2014

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Gallery 263, our kind annual art show host, is offering a free workshop this weekend.
Sunday, January 26th, 2-5pm
263 Pearl Street

Upcycled Collages is a hands-on family-friendly workshop with the artists from Life of Materials offering guided instruction on creating sustainable art. Participants will learn about dynamic composition making through the development of original two and three-dimensional collages, using the artists’ own working materials including old t-shirts, twine, wood, and more. Workshop is drop-in, free and open to the public, supplies will be provided.

 Feel free to e-mail: with questions about this workshop!”


Finished Suns January 16, 2014

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Some of the kindergarteners’ sandpainted suns are on display in the main hallway near the nurses office.  Other suns are being saved for the Morse School Art Show!



Fish! January 15, 2014

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The junior kindergarteners are nearing the end of their fish unit.  They drew fish, sculpted clay fish, created fish from yarn, collaged fish, and painted patterns onto fish.  Next up will be wire jellyfish mobiles!

For the collage fish, students looked at the art of Eric Carle and noticed how he uses painted paper for the shapes.  Selecting from pre-cut shapes, students had to identify appropriate shapes for the body, tail, and fins.  Eyes, mouths, gills, and a background were added with oil pastels.

After reading Pattern Fish, students painted patterns using shapes, colors, letters, and numbers onto large pre-drawn fish.

IMG_0639  IMG_0638

IMG_0637  IMG_0642

IMG_0641  IMG_0640