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In perspective May 10, 2012

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The 7th and 8th graders have been creating 1 point perspective drawings.  Working from a small photocopied part of a room, they had to find the vanishing point, and then create the walls of the room.  They were required to add at least 4 new elements to the room drawn in perspective, but most students added much more than that!  As a bonus, some students are now learning the basics of 2 point perspective.  Here are some finished 8th grade work:




Can you find the vanishing points?


Animation! March 12, 2012

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The 7th and 8th graders are finishing up flipbooks and stop-motion animation movies.  Some of the flipbooks have been recorded, and I uploaded them to  Please visit to see them.  When the stop-motion movies are edited, they will go up there as well.  Check it out!

Some 7th graders at work, drawing for the stop-motion movie:


Pen & Ink Sneakers December 6, 2011

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The 8th graders just finished their pen&ink shoe drawings, which came out wonderfully!  They first learned and practiced 5 basic techniques for shading with pen&ink: hatching, cross hatching, stippling, contour lines, and scribbling.  After making an observational drawing of a sneaker, the shading techniques had to be applied into the shoes.  Light, medium, and dark values were encouraged for complete drawings.  Inspiration was drawn from MC Escher’s pencil drawings, and from David Macaulay‘s fantastically illustrated books: City; Castle; Mill; Cathedral; etc.


8th grade Knights October 14, 2011

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The 8th graders came during their Social Studies classes to create a personal Coat of Arms.  Each student had to choose particular symbols and images that hold certain values.  For example, a tower symbolizes protection, while a hydra symbolizes mysteriousness.  The students also had to determine their mark of cadency, or birth order.  A first born child is symbolized by a zig zag line, while a second born child with a crescent.  Even the colors were representative of important values!




Goodbye class of 2011! June 22, 2011

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The 8th graders graduated last night, and I’m happy to know that many plan to take art at CRLS next year.  Their legacy tiles were on display for families to see.   Hopefully soon the tiles will be permanently installed somewhere in the building!


Enjoy the summer vacation, the next Morse Art update will be in September!!


Legacy Tiles May 20, 2011

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The 8th graders are beginning what will hopefully become a yearly tradition for our graduating class.  They are each creating a tile with their footprint, name, and year; which will be permanently installed throughout the school.  Next week they will glaze the tiles, and maybe I can have them installed before their graduation?!


Reduction printing, in progress March 3, 2011

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The 7th and 8th graders are working their way through a reduction linoleum block printing unit.  So far, the 8th graders have printed 2 layers, with one to go.  Here are some prints in progress: