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Welcome back! September 14, 2009

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The new school year is off to a good start so far!  Some information for parents:

  • If you are interested in being a parent volunteer with the Morse Arts Committee, please contact me either through email, or a visit to the Art Studio.  We will be having a meeting in the next couple weeks to plan some events for the school year.  Volunteer opportunities include:  hanging up and taking down art throughout Central Square for our monthly Morse Art in the Community exhibits; fundraising; organizing a school wide art show; organizing our participation in Cambridge Open Studios; and classroom volunteering.
  • If you are a kindergarten parent, I am looking for Art Studio Parents.  This would be a 45 minute commitment every Friday during your student’s art class.  This job can be shared between 2 or 3 parents, but it would be great to have a parent for each of the 4 classes.  Paraprofessionals do not stay with the class during Art, and kindergartners really do benefit from 2 adults in the room.
  • Please take note of which day your child has art class.  Do not send them to school in brand new clothes!  Students have a tendency to get messy in the art studio, and I do not provide smocks.
  • I’m pleased to introduce Ms. Jan Chang, who will be my student teacher for the first 8 weeks of school.  She is a graduate student at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.

I will be at the K-5 Open House this Thursday, but not  Tuesday’s 6-8 Open House.  I can answer any other questions at that time.


Telegraph September 24, 2008

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The Morse Telegraph is coming out soon…here are the Art Studio’s updates in the telegraph:

  • The studio is always looking for donations, usually recyclable items. Things you may drop off include: newspaper, paper towel tubes, paper bags, plastic caps and lids, nature magazines, old calendars, and fabric. If you ever have other items that may be useful, email me and I’ll let you know if they’re worth bringing in! Also, if your student’s project will require specific donations, I will send notices out.
  • The Morse Arts Committee is a volunteer parent organization committed to improving the art and music programs at the Morse School. Volunteer opportunities may include assisting in the classroom, working at special events, or planning school arts events. If you have an interest in volunteering your time, please email me at There will be a fall meeting soon.