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Drawing in the Galleries November 20, 2011

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Boston University’s art education students extended an invitation to Morse students to come for a free drawing class this past Saturday.  Twelve Morse students, 2nd-5th grade, participated with about 50 other area elementary students.  The groups were sent to 3 BU galleries: the Sherman gallery, 808 gallery, and BU gallery.  BU students walked the kids through the galleries, highlighting important elements of the shows.  Back in the studios, the elementary students created artwork inspired by the art they viewed in the galleries.  Here are some of the Morse students at work, creating landscapes (the group that went to the 808 gallery) and horror movie posters (the group that went to the BU gallery).




Amazing Creatures Reception November 18, 2011

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The 4th graders’ artwork and writing were on display last night at the Cambridge Rindge & Latin High library.  In addition to the Morse students’ work, there was artwork from the Fletcher Maynard Academy’s 4th graders.  The high schoolers who created the 4 never-before-seen creatures were present, as well as a movie put together by the film students who documented the whole program.  It was a great evening for the Sackler Art Museum, CRLS, and our Morse 4th graders!


And the creatures put on a performance for everyone!  They interacted with each other, and they got Superintendent Young involved in the fun.



Deepwater Animals November 16, 2011

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The 1st graders have been studying the ocean and its inhabitants in science class.  They came for some Open Studio classes to create an underwater diorama.  Shoeboxes were painted in 4 shades of blue to represent the 4 layers of the ocean: sunlight, twilight, deepwater, and abyss zones.  The students then drew details creatures that belonged in each zone.  The ocean layers will make an appearance at our school’s science fair later this school year.

Some close ups of the abyss and deepwater zones:



Eliot School Molas November 9, 2011

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Because Cambridge had no school on Monday, I went to the Eliot Elementary School in Needham, MA to visit my husband’s 4th grade class.  They have been studying various Native American groups and regions in Social Studies, so we made Kuna Molas, traditional art from Panama’s native groups.

Here are some students at work, and a few finished projects:




Apple printing November 3, 2011

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A kindergarten class came for an Open Studio class this week to make some giant apple paintings.  We discussed what colors apples can come in, and that apples aren’t always red (including the apples from our Citysprouts garden…they’re yellow).  Instead of painting with brushes, we used apples to print, which the kids found hilarious.  They were very careful to remind each other to “not eat the apples”.




4th Grade Art Exhibit November 2, 2011

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The 4th graders have been working very hard on their “Creatures Project”, in collaboration with CRLS high school students and Sackler Art Museum.  Their art and writing will be in an exhibit at the CRLS library on Thursday November 17th, with an opening reception from 5-7pm.  Please come!  If you are a parent and wondering about report card pick up night, the 4th grade conference evening will be rescheduled to allow for the art show!